First we need to make sure that your Email Campaign is configured to allow autologin links. Please follow the steps below to do so:
  1. Click Edit next to your Email Campaign
  2. Go to step 3. Setup Optional Features for this Campaign
  3. Mark "Enable autologin links" under option 2.
To create an autologin link in your email message follow these steps:
  1. When creating your email, go to step 4. HTML Content and type the text which you would like to hyperlink.
  2. Highlight that text and click the Insert/Edit URL or Link icon (it looks like a link of chains, and is located near the left side of the bottom row of tools on the HTML WYSIWYG editor)
  3. Clicking that button will generate a popup box, within that popup you will need to click Browse Links 
  4. Select your Link Type and then select the corresponding page that you would like to link to (examples of a page that would benefit from being reached with an autologin may be a Donation Form, Event registration, or the Service Center.)
  5. After selecting your link, you'll arrive on a popup titled "Select Link Options." On this screen, please mark "Automatically log the user in when this link is clicked."
    • Note: If you do not see the option "Automatically log the user in when this link is clicked," then it means a site configuration needs to be adjusted by Luminate support to enable this function. Please Contact Support and reference this article. 
  6. Click Select at the bottom of the popup box and then click Insert.
You have now configured an autologin link. If the user forwards a message with an autologin link, then it will not work for that other person. Also, autologin links are disabled for Administrator accounts, which includes the constituent password reset autoresponders.