Start your Query:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add and select Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Choose the source view of Registrants and click OK

Add fields to Include Records Where:

  1. To find Registrants with a balance, drag Balance from the middle column, to Include Records Where. Set this filter to be greater than 0.00. Your filter should read: Balance is greater than 0.00
  2. If you are only looking for balances from a certain event, we can also add an event field. From the left-hand column Browse for fields in, highlight Event. From the middle column, drag Event record into Include records where. Search for your event and click OK. Your filter should read: Event\Event Record is equal to <your event>.

Add Results Fields to Display:

  1. To see what event registration option was purchased, use Registrations\Registration Option.
  2. To see if the event registration has a balance, use Balance
  3. For Constituent Name and other constituent information, in the left-hand column, expand the Constituent Node. In the middle column drag Name to Results fields to display. Your field will read: Constituent\Name
  4. If you have taken partial payments and would like to see the total already paid, use the field Registration Payments\Total payment amount