Set up a Package:
Before you create an invitation, you will want to set up a package. The package contains the letter or email you will send to your invitees. If you would like to generate a spreadsheet, you can do that as well.  
  1. Create An Export Definition (optional, if you do not want to create one, you can use or copy the Default Altru Direct Marketing Export Definition).
    1. Go to Marketing and Communications
    2. Under Packages, click Export Definition
    3. Click Add to add and select Direct Marketing
    4. Include the fields you would like to export in your direct marketing document 
    5. Name your Export Definition and hit Save. 
    6. If merging with a letter or email, once your Export Definition is saved, click the drop down arrows beside it and click Generate Header File. Save this file on your workstation.
  2. Create a Letter:
    1. Create a document in Word outside of Altru. To insert merge fields, perform a mail merge with the Export Definition header file generated in the previous step. Save your document. 
    2. Go to Marketing and Communications
    3. Under Packages, click Letters
    4. Name your letter
    5. Select the Export Definition 
    6. Upload your File
    7. Click Save
  3. Create an Email: 
    1. If sending an email invitation, follow these steps to add an email:
    2. Go to Marketing and Communications
    3. Under Packages, click Email Marketing
    4. Select the Export Definition
    5. Build your e-mail in the content editor
    6. Click Save
NOTE: You must add a link to your Privacy Policy and Email Preferences in order to save your email.
  1. Create a Package: 
    1. Go to Marketing and Communications
    2. Under Packages, click Packages
    3. Click Add a mail Package and/or Add an email package
    4. Name your Package
    5. Select your Letter/E-Mail, or if you only need to generate a spreadsheet, select your Export Definition and leave the Letter/E-mail field blank
    6. Click Save

Add the Invitation Process
The next step is to create your invitation process on your event: 
  1. Open your special event. 
  2. Go to the Invitations Tab 
  3. Click Add an Invitation
  4. Under the General Tab, Name your Invitation
  5. Under the Processing Tab,  choose how you would like to send your invitation
  6. Select the packages for your invitation 
  7. Select the address processing options/name format options if needed.
  8. Select the house holding options for your invitation
  9. Click Save

Add Invitees and Send:
  1. After you add the Invitation Process, click the hyperlinked name of your process. 
  2. Under the Invitees tab, click the Add button to add invitees.
    • You can add a single constituent 
    • You can create a query (to exclude those who are inactive, deceased, or marked with particular solicit codes, use the Exclusions button).
    • Use the Copy button to copy invitees from another event invitation list.
    • If you need to delete an invitee from the list, click the drop down arrows to the left of the constituents name and click Delete.
  3. Once you have added your constituents, click Send Invitations under Tasks to bring up the Send Invitation screen.
  4. Under the General tab click on the calendar icon next to Mail date to select the date you plan to send your invitations. You can also mark the Create selection from results box if you wish to create a selection from the invitees.
  5. Use the Processing Options tab to configure various options like how to send your invitations and who to include or not include when sending the invitations. Then click start.
  6. After Altru processes the letter click on the double green arrows next to the export definition under Export outputs.
  7. If sending Letters: Click merge letter to open the invitations in Word. User-added image
  8. If sending Email: Click Start Blackbaud Internet Solutions email job to bring up the Start email job window.
  9. Select the date and time you want the emails to be sent and mark the checkbox next to your package to select the package to be sent. 
  10. Click Start.

Clear Results:
If you need to clear the results of your invitation process, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your Event
  2. Click the hyperlink to your invitation
  3. Click "Go to <invitation process name>" under Tasks in the upper left
  4. Go to the History Tab
  5. Expand the last send of your invitation. 
  6. Hit Delete