Create a Letter: 
The first step to configuring your Tribute acknowledgements is to create your Tribute Acknowledgement Letters. These are the letters that are sent to the honoree or their family to notify them that your organization has received a gift in their honor.  
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Tribute Acknowledgements
  2. Go to the Letters Tab 
  3. Under Tasks, click Generate tribute header file. Save this file to your computer where you can access it again. 
  4. Open your Tribute letter template in Microsoft Word. To include merge fields in your template, perform a mail merge with the header file you saved in Step 3. Save your letter. 
  5. On the Letters tab, click Add to add a letter. Name your letter, add a description to help you identify the letter and upload your file. Under Output Type, select Output Format and under Output format, select Standard tribute acknowledgement output. 
  6. Repeat these steps to add additional letters. We recommend having a letter for each type of tribute: In Memory, In Honor, or In Recognition. 
Add a Tribute: 
The Tribute record holds important information about the person being honored, where the funds will go, who will be acknowledged, and what letter they will receive. The tribute record is also added to revenue to identify that donation as a tribute donation. To create a tribute, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Constituents > Tributes
  2. Click the Add button to add a new tribute 
  3. Select the Tribute Type from the drop down (example: In honor, In memory)
  4. Select the Tributee (the person who will be honored)
  5. Under Name Format, select the Name format to determine how the name will appear in the tribute text. 
  6. Click Create tribute text, to automatically generate the text based off of the type and name format. You can also enter custom text if needed. 
  7. Under Default Designation, select the default designation if all donations are going to the same designation. 
  8. Under Default Tribute Letter, select the tribute letter you will be sending to the honoree from the drop down. 
  9. Save the Tribute.
  10. To edit a tribute, click the hyper linked tribute text to go to the tribute record. 
  11. On the Acknowledgees tab, you can change who will receive the acknowledgement letter. For example, if someone is making a donation In Memory of, you will change the acknowledgees, to be family or next of kin. 
  12. On the Revenue tab, you can see a list of all revenue applied to that tribute. 

Add a Tribute Gift: 
Once your tribute is added, you can apply revenue to the tribute. 
  1. Go to Revenue > Add a payment
  2. On the Add a payment screen, go to the Transaction details tab.
  3. Under Tribute, search for and select your tribute record.  
  4. Save. 

Create and Run a Tribute Acknowledgement Process: 
Once you have tributes entered and your tribute letters configured and saved in Altru, you will add a Tribute Acknowledgement Process to generate these letters for tributes you have added in your database: 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Tribute Acknowledgements 
  2. Go to the Acknowledgments Tab 
  3. Click Add to add a Tribute Acknowledgement Process. 
  4. Name your process and add a description to help you identify the process. 
  5. Under Criteria, select the letter for the process (Note: Altru will only pull in tributes with this letter specified). 
  6. Select to acknowledge all Not acknowledged revenue with this letter, or use a more specific selection. 
  7. Under Exclusions, add any exclusion solicit codes. We recommend selecting Do not mail and/or Do not solicit. 
  8. Under Results, select to mark letters Acknowledged when the process completes. 
    Note: This will only mark the tribute as acknowledged, this will not mark the revenue as acknowledged. This communication will also only show on the acknowledgee’s record. This communication will not show on the donors record. 
  9. Save. 
  10. To run the process, click Start Process
  11. Once the process, runs, click Merge Letter to get your completed letters. 
Note: This process creates one letter for each gift given to the tribute. If you would like to include a list of tribute gifts instead of sending multiple letters, this article provides more information on reporting and querying on gifts to a specific tribute.

To acknowledge the Donor: 
The Tribute Acknowledgement process will mark the tribute acknowledged, but will NOT mark the revenue as acknowledged. In order to mark the revenue as acknowledged, you will want to pull the donation through your regular acknowledgment process. Below are instructions for creating a selection for tribute gifts and for adding tribute-related fields to your acknowledgement letter. 
To create a selection: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Add a new ad-hoc query with the type of revenue. 
  3. To pull in all revenue with tributes, you can add a field such as Revenue Tributes\Amount is not blank to Include Records Where. 
  4. If you would like a specific tribute or tribute type, you can add the field: Revenue Tributes\Tribute record is equal to <specific tribute> or Revenue Tributes\Tribute type is equal to <tribute type such as In memory or In honor>
  5. On the Set Save Options tab, save your query and mark the box to Create a selection. This selection will then be available to add to your tribute letter. 

To add tribute related fields to your acknowledgement letter: 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Acknowledgements 
  2. Edit your Tribute Letter 
  3. Under Select recipient information to use to personalize your letter, click Edit. 
  4. In this screen, add any of these fields that you’d like in your letter. Below are some common fields used: 
    • Tribute Text (example: In memory of John Doe): Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Revenue Tributes\Tribute\Tribute text
    • Tribute Name: Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Revenue Tributes\Tribute\Tributee\Constituent\Name
    • Tribute Address: Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Revenue Tributes\Tribute\Tributee\Constituent\Address(Primary)
    • Tribute Acknowledgee: Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Revenue Tributes\Tribute\Tribute acknolwedgee\Constituent\Name
    • Tribute Acknowledgee Address: Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Revenue Tributes\Tribute\Tribute acknolwedgee\Constituent\Address(Primary)

For more information on running acknowledgements, see our related Knowledgebase How to run acknowledgements (includes video) (BB718111)