If a user is able to log into The Raiser's Edge/Financial Edge, they can use the following steps to reset their own password:
  1. Log into the program as the user whose password needs to be changed.
  2. Select Edit, Change Password from the menu bar.
  3. Fill in the Old Password and the New Password and Confirm. 
    Note: The new password must meet the minimum requirements based on your version of The Raiser's Edge.
  4. Exit and Sign out.

Note: The Supervisor can select not to allow users to change their password. In that case, the option to change password will be grayed out on the menu bar.


If a user cannot access The Raiser's Edge / The Financial Edge or does not have rights to reset their own password, a user with administrative rights can use the following steps:

  1. From the Main Menu select Administration
  2. In Administration, click Security/Set Up System Security. 
  3. Open the user whose password needs to be changed.
  4. In the Password and Confirm fields, enter the new password.  
    Note: The new password must meet the minimum requirements based on your version of The Raiser's Edge / The Financial Edge.
  5. Click Save and Close.
If Blackbaud hosts your database, and users need to change their Blackbaud Hosting Services Login password: 
Please refer to How to change a Blackbaud Hosting Services user password within the hosting portal