Start your query:
  1. Go to Information Library > Information Library
  2. Click Add and select Add an ad-hoc query.
  3. Choose the source view of Constituents and click OK
Add fields to Include Records where:
You will want to filter your query to pull all constituents who received your mailing and made a donation.
  1. First, to pull everyone who has received your mailing, expand Appeal Mailing, then select Appeals from the left side of the query. In the middle column, drag Appeal Record to Include Records where. Set the field to be Equal to and search for your mailing. Your field will appear similar to this: Appeal Mailing\Appeals\Appeal record is equal to Summer Appeal
  2. Next, to filter on anyone who made a gift, expand Revenue in the left column. From the middle column, drag Date to Include Records where. Set this field to be On or After than the mail date of your appeal. For example, if you mailed your appeal on 7/1/14, your filter will appear like this: Revenue/Date is On of after than 7/1/14.
  3. Next, in the left column under Revenue, highlight Application Details. From the middle column, drag Application to Include Records Where. Set this field to be equal to a Donation. Your field will appear like this: Revenue\Application Details\Application is equal to Donation.
  4. Depending on your data entry procedure, you may also want to add a field to make sure you pull any gifts that have been attributed to the appeal, even if the constituent didn't receive the mailing. To do this,  in the left column under Revenue, highlight Appeal. Drag Appeal record from the middle column to Include records where. Set the field to be equal to your appeal record. Also, set the filter to be an OR instead of And. (Optional- If you leave this as an "AND"  you can choose to view only constituents in the mailing who gave towards the appeal. ) Your field will appear like this: Revenue\Appeal\Appeal record is equal to Summer Appeal 2014.
Add fields to Results fields to display:
Use fields here to display information you would like to see about the gifts you have received as a result of the appeal:
  1. Constituent Name (Name) is already in the output of a constituents query. To output, Last Name and First Name separately, highlight Constituents at the top of the left-hand column. From the middle column drag First Name and Last/Organization/Group/Household name to Results fields to display.
  2. To display details about the revenue, use the following fields:
    • For Amount, use Revenue\Application Details\Amount (this field is recommended in the case that there are any split gifts that are not donations)
    • For Date, use Revenue\Date
    • For Designation, use Revenue\Application Details\Designation Name

Note: If you are only entering donations in the back office, you can use the canned appeal reports such as the Appeal Performance or Appeal Mailing Performance Report for performance statistics or the Giving Detail Report for a detailed list.