If you do not remember your old password, try these steps in order:
  1. Your browser may have the old password saved, please see How to find a saved Blackbaud Hosting Services password in your web browser.
  2. Contact an administrator at your organization to reset your password for you. To reset your password, see How to reset a Blackbaud Hosting Services user's password.
    • Note: If you are logged while the password is changed by an administrator, you must click Cancel and sign back into Blackbaud Hosting Services before it will recognize the password change.
  3. If your password was recently reset and you have logged in with the password you were just given, the password your administrator has provided is now your "old password".  Please enter that as the old password, and set a new one for yourself according to the password requirements for Blackbaud Hosting Services
  4. Click Chat with Support and reference this article.