The reason why some constituents may still be able to donate is because the donation form that is tied to the TeamRaiser is still published and they are using a direct link to that donation form with the credit going towards the event or team. The direct link that they are using contains a URL parameter that determines where the money will be credited to. If a constituent were to donate to a TeamRaiser event, the URL will look something like this:

The URL arguments that are crediting this money to the TeamRaiser event is &PROXY_ID=1160&PROXY_TYPE=21, where 1160 is the TeamRaiser ID. If the gift should be going towards a team, then the proxy ID will be the same as the team ID. The constituent may have this bookmarked or may be reusing a link that they received in an email or through Social Media.

We agree that this is inconsistent behavior and our engineers are currently evaluating this to see what should be changed/fixed. Please subscribe to this article for updates. In the meantime, the donation form can be unpublished to prevent this from happening, but if the donation form is used for other purposes or other TeamRaisers, this may not be ideal.