1. Go to constituent record.
  2. Click Add Payment under Tasks.
  3. Enter the applicable payment information.
  4. For the payment method, select Stock
  5. Altru requires you to enter the Median Price per share and the Number of units. The median price multiplied by the number of units must equal the amount of the payment. 
  6. Enter Issuer, Stock Symbol, the Low Price per share, and the High Price per share if desired. 
  7. Click Save.
Note: We only recommend entering gifts with the payment of Stock if your organization is keeping the stock or if you have only sold a portion of the stock. Otherwise, if you are receiving a check from a brokerage firm, enter the gift with a payment method of Check. 

If you need to enter a partial share Altru allows you to enter shares with units up to 3 decimal places

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