The screen below is displayed when clicking Display Report from a 1099 parameter for a year which you have already completed 1099 processing. If you have Aatrix locally installed, you access this screen from the workstation which you originally processed 1099s. If you are hosted,  you may access this from any workstation as Aatrix is installed into your Files Folder. Please see the image for more information on the History File Options. 
1099 History File Options 
A. Last Completed Actions Grid: 
- Displays all of the 1099 forms along with their last completed action and date of the last time it was printed, originally completed or corrected.
Note: If the Last Completed Action box is empty, you must choose to eFile or Print Incomplete 1099s as an action. 
B. View Detailed List of Completed Action:
- Allows you to see a complete list of actions for the 1099 filings. It displays filings, corrections, and changes in status.

C. View Instructions on Returning Later:
- Opens a PDF document which outlines how to access previous filings for 1099s and W2s.
- Allows you to reprint a form you have already completed. The completed forms are listed in the Last Completed Action grid and will have a green print date listed.
- Choose which form(s) you want to reprint on the next screen. You will have the option to have the forms printed with a Records Copy Watermark or print as Original.
- If any reports are gray on the Reprint options screen, Aatrix is not recognizing them as completed and you must choose the eFile/Print Incomplete option.
E. EFile or Print Incomplete 1099s 
- Allows you to print or eFile forms you have not already. This will bring you back to "Complete eFiling Services or Other Options." You may only choose the options that have not been processed at yet; the actions recognized as completed already will be gray. If you must print something that is recognized as completed, use the Reprint Completeted 1099s option instead.
F. Correct Completed 1099s 
- Correct 1099 amounts and information for vendors which you have already completed. You may also add or remove vendors from your completed filing. Using the last action information, the 1099 processing wizard will determine what needs to be happen with the corrections made in the 1099 Grid.
G. Start Over 
- Allows you to start fresh from the beginning and clears out any changes or saved actions entered so far. 
H. e1099 Password Lookup
- If you e-filed your 1099s using the "complete e-filing service", this option allows you to look up recipient passwords or resend the instructions with the password to the existing or a new email address as needed. The lookup tool can search for a particular recipient or display all recipients.