1. Create a new export and select Blackbaud Conditional Word Merge as the export format.  
  2. Select the fields to include in the merge letters on the Output tab.  
  3. Click the Conditional merge wizard button
    Note: If merging from Mail, click the Send to Word button instead of following steps 1, 2, and 3.
  4. In step 1 of the wizard, select the conditional field (for example, Letter code), and click Next.  
  5. In step 2 of the wizard, click New Document to add the first conditional document. The Conditional Merge Document screen appears.
  6. Select the condition (e.g. equal to), select the value from the drop-down, and enter a description for the letter. 
  7. Click Edit merge document to open the letter in Word. 
  8. Word opens to a blank merge document. Notice the options in the action bar: Insert Raiser's Edge Field, Insert Word Field, and Save and Return to RE7 to Merge.
  9. When the merge fields are inserted and the text of the letter is complete, click Save and Return to RE7 to Merge.  
  10. To make further changes to the merge document in Word, click Edit merge document.  
  11. Click OK to return to step 2 of the Conditional Merge Wizard.  
  12. Repeat steps 6 - 13 until all of the conditional merge documents are added.  
  13. Click Finish to return to the export parameters screen.  
  14. Click Merge Now to begin the merge process.  
  15. If prompted, enter the name and location of the conditional merge documents, and click OK.  
  16. Word opens, and the finished merge letters print to screen.  
  17. Print the letters from Word.  

For complete information, review the Mail Merge with Microsoft Word section of The Raiser's Edge & Microsoft Office Integration Guide (PDF).