1. Defining an Attribute
    1. In Configuration, click Attributes.
    2. In the left bar, highlight the record type the attribute is for.
    3. In the Attributes grid, enter the Attribute Type.
    4. In the Data Type field, define the type of data the field will allow on records.

      Data Types:

      • Text: Allows free-form text data entry. This is the least restrictive data entry format. We recommend you select text when the other data types are not applicable. However, Text does not allow consistency in the database and it may be difficult to query on these values later.
      • Number: Allows number values (i.e., 4, not four)
      • Date: Allows only dates with a day, month, and year
      • Currency: Allows monetary values
      • Yes/No: Allows either yes or no values
      • Table: Allows values selected from a user-defined table.
        • To use an existing table, scroll through the Table Name list and select the table to use.
        • To create a new table, scroll to the bottom of the Table Name list and select [Add New Table]. Name the table or accept the default (the Description just entered) and click OK. A new table is added to Configuration, Tables. This is where the table entries are added.
    5. Mark the Required checkbox to require that the attribute be defined on all records of that type, both existing and new.
    6. Mark the Unique checkbox to only allow the attribute to be added once to each record. For example, you can limit the attribute Spouse Name to one instance per record.
    7. To add this attribute to a record, select the Attributes tab of the record and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menus.
  2. Editing an Attribute
    1. In Attributes in Configuration, highlight the attribute to edit and enter the attribute's new name.
      Note: You cannot change the Data Type if the attribute is already present on a record.
    2. To edit table entries, select Tables in Configuration. Select the table to edit, select the table entry, and click Open.
  3. Adding Attributes to Records
    1. In Records, select the appropriate record type, and open a record.
    2. Select the Attributes tab.
    3. Select <All Categories> in the Attribute type drop-down.
    4. In the grid, select the appropriate Attribute type, Description, Date, and Comments.
    5. Click Save and Close.