These instructions are for SQL Server versions.

Note: You may need to restore a backup after moving to a new server

To restore a database:

  1. Complete a backup of the live database. For information on backup procedures, refer to How to back up Blackbaud databases.
    Note: It is typically not necessary to detach the existing database because restoring from a backup overwrites the database that is currently attached to the Blackbaud Management Console. If the database is already detached, then simply re-attach the backup copy of the database to the Blackbaud Management Console.
  2. From the main screen of the Blackbaud Management Console, highlight Backup in under the product to restore.
  3. In the Restore from Backup frame, click Restore.
  4. In the Backup file to Restore field, enter the location of the backup database or click browse to locate the backup file.
    • The backup file has a .BAK or .ZIP file extension and contains the .MDF and .LDF files that comprise the database.
    • IMPORTANT: The current database will be overwritten with the restored data. Do not click Restore unless you intend to do so, or have a valid backup of the live database files.
  5. Click Restore. Click Yes to confirm the database overwrite and begin the data restore process. Once the Backup is restored, a confirmation message appears.

Additional Requirements: If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, or integrates with additional third-party products, there are additional requirements for backing up and restoring databases:

  • Users should not enter data at the time when the scheduled backups are run.
  • Integration scheduled tasks or SQL jobs must be disabled during the scheduled backups.
  • All databases must be backed up in succession.
  • If you find it necessary to restore one product database, you must also restore all other integrated product databases from the same backup set. Failure to do so may result in a broken integration between products; repairing and re-integrating products is a billable service.
  • If you integrate The Raiser's Edge with The Patron Edge, refer to What is the best practice for backing up and restoring a database when Patron Edge and The Raiser's Edge are integrated?.
  • If you use WebPurchasing and are restoring from a backup, restart IIS.