• Click Reports, Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals Reports


    Note: By default, inactive campaigns, funds, and appeals are included on the reports. To show only active ones, select the Filters tab and choose Include Selected. Do not mark the Show inactive campaigns (funds or appeals) checkbox and select the appropriate campaigns (funds or appeals).


    To view but not print the list of campaigns, funds, or appeals:

      • From the Records page, click Campaigns (Funds or Appeals)
      • Click Open a Campaign (Fund or Appeal)
      • Click Find Now with no search parameters


      To include additional information in the list:

        • If wanting to export selected campaigns, funds, or appeals, create a query. For example, for selected campaigns, create a campaign query to pull the correct campaigns.
        • If including all records, click Include, All Records on the General tab. If including only records in a query, click Include Selected Records on the General tab to search for and select the query created in step 1.
        • On the Output tab, select the appropriate fields



          • Leave the Criteria tab blank
          • On the Output tab, select the appropriate fields