Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article. Note: In the Financial Edge, you do not need to base a global change on a query of records.

  1. Open the appropriate product, and click Administration on the navigation bar
  2. Click Globally change records
  3. Click the plus sign to expand the record group for which to perform the global changes
  4. Highlight the record type to change and click New Change on the task bar
    Note: The New Change button remains grayed out until a record type is highlighted
  5. In the Available Fields frame, highlight the fields to change and click Select.  
  6. Mark the Automatically add table entries checkbox to add or replace table entries with new entries that are not currently in the database, and any other options desired, such as creating an output query.
  7. Select the global change function to perform. (Not all global functions listed are available for all fields. Each global change function has its own parameters.):
    • Add can overwrite existing fields or add data to a blank field on your records. If you mark the Overwrite existing value checkbox, the new value is added to blank fields and it replaces values in fields with existing values. If you do not mark this checkbox, only blank fields receive the new value.
    • Replace replaces a value in a field. For example, you can mark or unmark checkboxes or remove values from fields using the With option.
    • Partial replace searches for records that have the defined value, and replaces that part of the field. For example, you can change a phone number's area code.
    • Delete removes values from a field. You cannot remove values from required fields.
    • Increase/Decrease changes a numeric value by an exact amount or percentage. You can also use this function to change dates by months, days, years, etc.
    • Copy takes a selected field's value and copies it to another selected field. You can copy to blank fields or fields with data. You can add new values to some tables using this operation. Unique fields may only be copied.
    • Swap exchanges values between selected fields. You can add new table entries by marking the Automatically add table entries checkbox.
    • Move moves data from one selected field to another. The value is deleted from the original field. You cannot move required fields.
  8. Select the Filters tab. Click the Include box for the appropriate line item to select the query of records to change, or create a query Financial Edge\Education software if necessary.
  9. Click Preview Changes to bring up a screen showing the records that will be affected by the global change.
  10. Select or deselect individual records that will be changed.
  11. Click Change now to perform the global change.
  12. Select File, Save to save the global change parameters.