icon of video cameraWatch a video that shows you how to ATTACH a live database to the Blackbaud Management Console (4:21)
icon of video cameraWatch a video that shows you how to RESTORE a live database backup to the Blackbaud Management Console (5:56)

Learn about what rights are needed in order to use the Blackbaud Management Console.
To attach or restore a database to SQL Server using the Blackbaud Management Console (BMC), follow these steps:
  1. Launch the Blackbaud Management Console by double-clicking on its icon on your server.
  2. Click to highlight the Blackbaud product, from the list of installed products, in the left-side window pane.
  3. In the right-side window pane, click Attach Database.
  4. Click Next, when the Attach Database Wizard appears, and select the appropriate SQL Server option:

    For additional information, refer to how to determine if the database can use Express or if full SQL Server is required.
    • Select the first option to use the SQL Express (RE_Express or FE_Express) instance which may have automatically installed with the software. Use this option if you did not purchase a supported SQL Server instance from Microsoft or a third-party vendor.
    • Select the second option to use an instance of SQL Server Standard or Enterprise Edition which you have previously purchased from Microsoft or a third-party vendor, and installed. This SQL Server instance can be local or on another machine.
  5. Once you have selected the server option to use, click Next.
  6. If you selected the recommended option, proceed to step 7.
    If you selected to use another SQL Server instance, then select or enter the appropriate instance name that will run the database and enter the appropriate Login information. Click Test to verify the connection is valid.
  1. If attaching an existing database file (.MDF file), select the "Existing database (MDF file)" radio button option at the top of the window.  If you are restoring from a backup file (.BAK or .ZIP file) select the "From backup file (BAK or ZIP file)" option. 
  2. Click the browse button and select the database file (the *.mdf file, or the *.bak or *.zip file if you selected to restore from a backup option). Enter a Name and a Description for the existing database.
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If you are attaching your database using an MDF file, please proceed to step 10
  1. If you are restoring from a backup, the backup saves the original file path of the database files.  If the path has changed since the last time the database was attached to the Blackbaud Management Console or to have the files stored in a different location on your database server, adjust the file path by clicking the link 'To adjust file destination(s), click here' and then defining where each of the database files will reside once attached.
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To change the file path(s) of the database files, double-click each database file's "restore path" destination and browse to the location where the database will reside.  

Note: Watch our RESTORE video at the beginning of this article for a demonstration of this process.

  1. Click Next to attach the database and Finish to close the Attach Database Wizard.

Once the database is attached, refer to: