Create the export file

    *You may use the Create an import file function instead. For more information, refer to How to create an import file [Raiser's Edge].

    The data file must:

    • Export the required information* in Comma-Separated Values format
    • Open the data file in Excel
    • Add the appropriate headers (recommended)
    • Make any other edits to the file, if needed
    • Save the file in CSV format
      • Include each piece of information in its own field (or column if using a spreadsheet). For example, address lines, city, state, and zip code are all in separate fields.
      • Be saved in CSV format.
      • Include the constituent ID, import ID, or Social Security number.

        Note: Although headers are not required, we recommend using them. Otherwise, you must manually map the fields in the data file to the corresponding field in the program.