What are gift subtypes?

The gift subtype allows you to further define a gift. For example, if your organization receives frequent donations of computers, you can select Gift-in-Kind in the Gift type field and enter a gift subtype of computers.

The gift subtype can be used to define a GL Distribution. The GL Distribution is the financial account numbers associated with the gift type, gift subtype, and fund you select on a gift record. For example, you can specify all gifts with a subtype of computers to be allocated to your education fund. Because subtypes can be included in the GL Distribution, you may choose to record the payment method, such as cash or check, in the gift subtype field if your organization arranges its funds by a donor's method of payment. Note: Regardless of whether you choose to record the payment method in the Gift subtype field, you must record the constituent's method of payment in the Pay method field at the bottom of the Gift tab. The program uses the Pay method field to process reports, mailings, and electronic fund transfers.

To add gift subtypes values:
Please refer to How to add new table entries

To enter a gift subtype on a gift:
When adding a gift, select the appropriate value in the Gift subtype field

To set up GL distributions for gift subtypes:
  1. In Records, click Funds
  2. Open the appropriate fund
  3. Select the GL Distributions tab
  4. Highlight the Gift type you want to add the subtype to 
  5. Click Insert Subtype (The gift subtype must be inserted for EACH individual Gift Type where the combination of Gift Type and Subtype needs a specific GL Distribution)
  6. Select the subtype from the drop-down menu
  7. Input the appropriate credit and debit account numbers
  8. Optionally to add multiple subtypes, repeat steps 4 through 7 for each subtype
  9. Save and close the fund
Gift Subtype
In this example, the Gift subtype of credit card is inserted for both Cash and Pledge Pay-Cash.