Note: Manual Journal Entries made to accounts used by subsidiary modules could cause account reconciliation issues. For more information on reconciling, refer to the Subsidiary Ledger Reconciliation Guide.

  1. In Journal Entry, select Regular Batch from the Batch type field
  2. Click New Regular Batch
  3. In the Description field, enter a description for this batch
  4. To use a default set for this batch, click the binoculars to access the Field default sets screen. Select the default set you want to use and click OK. When you choose a default set, the values appear in the Default (D) row of the journal entry grid. When entering transactions, you can quickly enter the default value in additional cells by placing your cursor in a cell and pressing F2.
  5. If you want to automatically create balancing interfund entries, mark the corresponding checkbox
  6. Enter the batch transactions and/or distributions
  7. Select Batch, Validate Batch from the menu bar to verify the batch is in balance
  8. Select Batch, Post Batch to post this batch to the General Ledger
    Click Save and Close to leave the batch open and allow continued work on it