Before committing, a batch should be validated to check it for any mistakes, missing information, and other things that could prevent a row from adding to The Raiser's Edge. A batch can be validated as many times as needed as it does not add, edit, delete, or otherwise alter data.

Validating only checks data in the batch for correct entry format, if required fields are completed, and if values are active (such as table values or funds, appeals, and campaigns are active). The validation process has nothing to do with credit card or direct debit processing (i.e. "validating" does not "validate" credit card info or direct debit info to say if it's good or not.)

To validate a batch:
  1. If not already in a batch, open the desired batch.
  2. Click on Tools in the top menu and select Validate.
  3. Mark the desired options.
  4. Click Validate Now.
  5. Review the Validate results window:
    • If the running totals/counts and projected totals/counts do not match, review your entry. If this feature is not being used, click Modify Batch Totals to equalize these fields.
    • If there are Other Exceptions noted, click Print Exception Report in the lower left to view exceptions in detail.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Review the exceptions. If you do not see the exception in batch, be sure to check the Gift menu for each row. Exceptions can occur for information entered from this menu too.
  8. Repeat steps 2 - 7 until no exceptions are found.

NOTE: If you validate to no exceptions, it is still possible that a gift may "except out" and not commit. Validating increases the likelihood of a successful commit, as that covers the most common issues that causes a gift to not commit. Be sure to commit the batch carefully, look for any exceptions that occurred in the commit at the end, and then run the exception report. While validation covers most reasons for a gift to "except out", there are some things that could block the commit that are not known until the actual commit is done.