The Annual Statement Report lists constituent gifts for selected time period and includes receipt information, including receipts with no receipt amount. This report is useful as an end-of-the-year report for your constituents to review their donations for tax purposes. The report produces each constituent's information on a separate page. It includes the donor's name and address, gift date, gift type, gift amount, receipt number, receipt amount, and total receipt amount.

Here's a sample of the report's layout:
Annual Statement Report  

To run the report:
  1. Click Reports > Financial Reports. 
  2. Highlight Annual Statement Report.
  3. Click New Annual Statement Report in the top left.
  4. On the General tab, select choose which records to report on and the date range. For example to produce a calendar year statement (January to December), set range to  end-of-the-year statements, use last year's date range. 
  5. On the Filters tab, select any specific campaigns, funds, appeals, and constituent codes to include on the report
  6. On the Gift Types tab, select the gift types to include. 
  7. On the Attributes tab, select the attributes to include and the attributes to exclude from the report. 
  8. On the Ind. Address and Org. Address tabs, select the appropriate address to print on the report. 
  9. On the Columns tab, determine how the report appears. For example, to include the fund, move Fund ID or Fund Description from the left to the right.  
  10. On the Format tab, select how the addressee appears. Highlight Individual or Organization which is located under Name formats > Constituent on the left list.
  11. Select File > Print to print the report to paper or File > Print Preview to preview the report on the screen. 
  12. This report can be shared with donors by including letters with the report
If gifts are missing from the results, refer to Constituents or gifts missing from reports for steps on making them appear. 

For more information, refer to the Reports Guide (PDF).