The following instructions apply to clients who use The Raiser's Edge US versions 7.80 and higher. If you use another version or third-party software, refer to the appropriate instructions instead:

Follow these steps below. We also recommend watching the AddressFinder training video for a comprehensive overview of AddressFinder that takes you through every step of a successful update. 


Submit Data to Blackbaud for an AddressFinder screening: 

  1. Review What to consider before submitting data for AddressFinder
  2. Create the export file and send it to Blackbaud.  Allow 24 hours for processing. 
  3. Do not delete or manually update the addresses of the records you sent to Blackbaud. Review what changes should not be made.

Download the results and update addresses with the returned AddressFinder data:

  1. Download the updated file
  2. Review What to consider before importing the AddressFinder update
  3. Run the Updated Address Report
  4. All users must exit and sign out of the Raiser's Edge.
    Note: We recommend coordinating your address update with other users at your organization because all users must exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge and the process will take some time depending on the size of the file and the speed of your machine and network.
  5. Update the addresses. 
  6. Refer to What changes should be made to addresses updated with AddressFinder? for the suggested next steps.