If the attribute type already existed on the record prior to processing the form, then the attribute will simply update the value of the row that is of the same attribute type on the record. 

The date will only be updated if the value was changed from what the original value on the record was, if the attribute was added to the record for the first time, or if a comment was added.

Attributes on EE record

For example in the image above, all three attributes were submitted on the reenrollment form for the student on the same date, 5/18/2015. However, the sent transcript attribute does not show an updated date. The value was already set to no on the record, prior to processing the form. So, the date value did not update. 

Another way to allow the date to update from year to year, without requiring the user to enter a new value in the Description, is to add a hidden Default Comment to the Reenrollment Form in NetCommunity.