Option 1: Group Sales Revenue Report
If you need a total number of attendees, you can run the Group Sales Revenue Report.
  1. Go to Sales 
  2. Under Reports, click Group Sales Revenue
  3. In the report parameters, check the boxes for each group type you would like to display. 
  4. The report will show you the total number of attendees. 
Option 2: Query
If you need more details, for example, if you would like to report on attendance by both price type and group type, you can build an ad-hoc query for this information. 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library.  
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query.  
  3. Select the Record Type of Reservation and choose the Group Sales Reservations source view. Click OK. The New Ad-hoc Query window will open.  
  4. First, we will filter on all of the groups you would like to see in your report.
    1. Optional: To only see groups that would have arrived during a specific date range, in the middle column, drag Arrival date to Include Records Where and set this to be equal to your date range. 
    2. In the left column, highlight Itineraries. From the middle column, drag Group Type to Include records where. Choose the group Types you are looking for. User-added image
       Note: If you would also like to see the Group Type in your Results, also drag Group Type to Results Fields to Display.
    3. Optional: If you would like to exclude any cancelled groups, from the left column, highlight Order, then from the middle column, drag Sales order status to Include Records Where. Set this to be not equal to Cancelled. 
  5. Next, we will add information about the attendees. In the left column, expand Itineraries by clicking the plus sign. Under itineraries, highlight Attendees. From the middle column, drag Price type and Quantity to Results Fields to Display.User-added image
  6. Optional: If you would like summarize the the attendees by Price Type and Group Type, remove Name from Results fields to display. Then highlight Quantity and click the sigma sign button. Choose to Sum this field: User-added image
  7. Here is an example of how this will look when you click Preview Results: User-added image
  8. Optional: If you also want to summarize the attendance by program, click on the plus sign next to Items under itinerary.  Click on program.  In the middle, click on Name and move to Results Fields to Display.
  9. Go to the set save options tab.  Name and save your query.