Note: Do not add Google Tag Manager code to Administration>Sites & Settings>Site>Site Tracking. Adding Google Tag Manger to this area in the site will prompt unexpected behaviors on your site and can break functionality. Please follow the instructions below on how to add this: 

When signing up for Google Tag Manger, you will be provided code to be inserted into the website. This code should be copied and pasted directly into NetCommunity or Internet Solutions. Do not make any edits to the code, and make sure that the entire code is included.

Google will provide the guidelines for where this code should be inserted:
"To implement Google Tag Manager, copy the code snippet provided in the Tag Manager interface or from below, replacing both instances of GTM-XXXX with your container ID. Paste this snippet into your website template page so that it appears immediately after the opening <body> tag." 

NetCommunity/Internet Solutions does not allow direct access to the HTML. We can add the tag to the page header or body by use of Unformatted Text Parts. (Note that items like Google Ad Words and Google Universal Analytics will fire but some items that are required in the body may not function.)

To add the code to NetCommunity/Internet Solutions on multiple pages in the site that share a common template, the code can be added at the template level:

  1. Create an Unformatted Text Part(s)
  2. Paste the Code into the part
  3. Mark the checkbox for Advanced Options
  4. Choose one of the following options:
    1. In the <head> tag 
    2. In the <body> tag with the part
    3. At the end of the <body> tag
  5. Click Save
  6. Go to Site Explorer > Pages and Templates
  7. Edit the template that you would like to add the code to
  8. Insert the Unformatted Text Part into a content placeholder on the template
The final step is to login to your Google Tag Manager account and validate the install of the code on your website. Please reach out to Google support regarding any tracking or reporting questions. Please reach out to Blackbaud Application Support if you have any questions about placing the code inside NetCommunity/Internet Solutions and reference this article.

Note: Do not add Google Tag Manager code to Administration>Sites & Settings>Site>Site Tracking. Adding Google Tag Manger to this area in the site will prompt unexpected behaviors on your site and can break functionality. 

If your organization also uses Google Analytics:
  • Do not add Google Analytics to Site Tracking under Administration>Sites & Settings. Instead, add it along with Google Tag Manager in the same Unformatted Text Part.