To use promotional codes with your ticketed events and TeamRaiser, you'll want to create a specialized link or URL that you can send to eligible invitees. Once you have set up your ticket type and promo code, follow the instructions below to obtain your specialized URL:
  1. Under the Events module, click Edit next to the appropriate event
  2. Skip to step 11 - Publish
  3. Copy the event URL
  4. Add your promotion code to the end of your URL with the following prefix, "&s_promoCode="
  5. For example, the XYZ organization created a ticket type specifically for staff members using the promo code, "staff2020".  Based on this information and their event ID of 110263, the specialized URL would appear the following way:
TeamRaiser works the same way in the sense that you have to add the promo code link to the URL in order for the users to see it. Follow the steps below to obtain your specialized link:
  1. Go to Fundraising > select TeamRaiser
  2. Find your TeamRaiser and click Edit
  3. Go to step 7. Manage Participation Types
  4. Find the promotional participation type and click Edit
  5. Go to step 7b. Select Type Options
  6. Type the promo code under options 2. Promotion Code
  7. Click Next
  8. Now skip to step 17. Publish and copy the URL showing below the TeamRaiser Entry Point
  9. Append the following URL argument at the end of the URL: "&s_promoCode=" with your promo code after the equal sign.
The promotional URL will look something like this:

When users go to that link and click register, the promo code will be saved in their browser session and will be able to see the hidden participation type link