1. Go to Fundraising 
  2. Click Fundraising Hierarchies 
  3. You can add designations at three levels in the fundraising hierarchy: Totals, Initiatives, and Projects/Funds/Programs. For more information about the fundraising hierarchies and the different levels, watch our video: Understanding Fundraising Hierarchies.
    1. To add a new Total, click Add at the top of the screen: 
      Add button for Total
    2. To add a new Initiative, click Add beneath the total you would like to add the initiative to: 
      Add button for Initiative
    3. To add a new Fund, Project, or Program, click Add beneath the initiative you would like to add that fund to: 
      Add button for Fund Project or Program
  4. In the next screen, select the Type
  5. Enter a name for the designation
  6. Enter a public name for the designation (this name will appear on sales receipts and on your online donation forms)
  7. Add a description if desired. 
  8. Add a Category if desired
  9. Enter a look up ID for the designation. 
  10. Add Report Codes if desired 
  11. Add Dates if desired
  12. Click Save to add your designation. 
  13. If you have the General Ledger enabled in Altru, you will also need to map the designation to the correct account under Financials > GL Set Up.