Option #1: Run the Membership Renewal Statistics Comparison Report: The retention rate is the percentage of existing memberships in your previous period that opted to renew a membership during the renewal opportunity. Lifetime memberships and memberships that are not due for renewal are excluded from the calculation. Members that did not join during the renewal period will also not be calculated in this report meaning if a member 'rejoins' after the renewal window, they will not factor in to the calculations. 

Option #2: Use a Membership Retention Rate KPI: The KPI uses this calculation to calculate an ongoing rate for one of your membership programs. You also have the option to report on only one level or only one reporting group: 
Upgrades + Downgrades + Renews + Rejoins divided by Upgrades + Downgrades + Renews + Rejoins + Dropped + Lapsed

Option #3: If your organization calculates retention rate differently, you can use the numbers provided in a canned report or build queries for these calculations. Below are a few suggestions of reports you can use and queries you can build: 
  1. Membership activity tab: To access the Membership Activity Tab, go to Memberships and click on your Membership Program.On your membership program record, you will see the Activity Tab which breaks down member transaction activity into Renews and Rejoins, Upgrades, Downgrades, New Members, and Dropped (Cancelled) Members. You can also change the date range on this dashboard to see the activity during a certain date range. 
  2. Membership Count Report: The Membership Count Report will give you the number of active members at the end of each period for which you run the report. 
  3. Build a query to pull a list of members who were active during a specific date range: This query will show you members who were active during a specific date range. 
  4. Build a query to create a list of all membership transactions: This query will show you transactions with a certain action that happened during a specific date range. These instructions also contain steps to include the amount of these transactions which you will not need to include for membership retention rate.