To view the Database Schema
  1. Go to the RE HELP subfolder after the install/upgrade of RE 7.95 (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7\Help)
  2. Open the Windows help file RE7Schema.chm.
Please refer to How to find a database reference definition or schema (includes video demo) for detailed steps on viewing the database schema for The Raiser's Edge.

Database Schema Changes
  • dbo.PHONES table will get two new columns for linking purposes: CONSTITID and CONSTIT_RELATIONSHIPS_ID
  • Shared phones will get rows duplicated in dbo.PHONES table so each record has his or her own copy of the phone.
  • IS_PRIMARY, INACTIVE and COMMENTS columns added for new fields
  • dbo.CONSTIT_ADDRESS_PHONES table will be maintained by triggers that only returns the top rows of each type for backwards compatibility.
API Dataobject Changes
  • CConstitAddressPhones collection will still function
  • Since the phones are no longer tied to any address, every instance of the collection will return the active phones for the record
  • Phones collection directly off of CRecord (CIndividual2, COrganization2, etc.) through the IBBPhonesParent interface
  • CConstitPhone standard implementation of IBBDataObject and IBBPhone
Note: In RE 7.94 changes were made to the CConstitPhones collection and the CConstitPhone object. There were also interface objects added for Credit/Debit cards. These changes remain in RE 7.95.