NOTE: Support has ended for The Patron Edge, so Blackbaud Support can no longer assist with issues related to its integration. For more information, see What is The Patron Edge? When did Blackbaud stop supporting The Patron Edge?

When working in an environment where The Patron Edge is integrated with The Raiser's Edge, there are some things to take into consideration when planning a backup schedule or restoring either system from a backup. Please review the following points: 

  1. When scheduling backups, ensure that the synchronization job is disabled at the time of backup. 
  2. Back up both databases during the same maintenance window while the job is turned off. 
  3. If restoring The Raiser's Edge database from a backup, you must also restore The Patron Edge from its backup that was taken at the same time. The reciprocal applies when restoring The Patron Edge database from a backup: You must also restore The Raiser's Edge from its backup that was taken at the same time.
Note: To ensure data integrity between systems, Blackbaud adds a timestamp to each database at the time of the last synchronization. If one database is restored with a different timestamp than the other, the integration will cease to run. Reestablishment of the integration must be performed by Blackbaud's Professional Services group and is a billable service.