Online Express Frequently Asked Questions

Blackbaud Online Express (OLX) is a simple, smart solution for Raiser’s Edge (RE) users providing the most effective features and functionality for your online fundraising and email marketing needs. 

Here are the top questions Blackbaud Online Express users ask: 

Delivery and Deliverability:
Which IP addresses does Online Express use to send email?
Why am I not receiving test emails?
Why am I not receiving notification emails?
Why is a recipient not receiving email from my organization?

Which email addresses are automatically suppressed from mailings?
What do I do if a mailbox provider indicates that one of my organization’s messages failed fraud detection checks?
How do bounced emails and opt outs in Online Express show up in The Raiser’s Edge?

Best Practices:
What is an SPF record and how to I create it?
What is DKIM and how do I add it?
How do I prevent my email from being marked as SPAM?
How can I avoid my messages being considered SPAM by an anti-SPAM device?
What are the Blackbaud Online Express (OLX) frequently asked questions (FAQs)? I want a list of the top OLX questions. Is there a Blackbaud Online Express FAQ?