While you’re editing a communications template, you will notice that some of the words are surrounded by gray boxes; these are merge tags. The merge tag will pull the value from that specific field into the template. For example, if you want to add a Mr. Smith’s short salutation to a template, the template will appear with the words “Short Salutation” surrounded by a gray box, but the letter will say Mr. Smith.

The steps to add a merge value to your template are listed below:
1. Click Communications
2. Click Manage Communications
3. Select the category where your template is stored
4. Click the name of the template, this takes you directly to Step 3 of the template
5. Hover over the section where you’d like to add the merge tag
6. Click the pencil icon for that section
7. Click the Insert eTapestry Merge Value icon (located in the tool bar, the icon is an “e” surrounded by a yellow box)
8. Select the Category and Field from the drop down menus, or search for the field
9. Click Insert
10. Click Update
11. Click Save on the template