To pull a list of donor and donations for a single, specific TeamRaiser participant:
1.) Go to Data Management > Reports
2.) Go to the Report Writer Tab
3.) Click the Create a New Report button
4.) On Report Selection, select TeamRaiser
5.) On the Available Reports, select Gift Details
6.) Click Next
7.) On Select Columns, mark the information you'd like to include
8.) Click Next
9.) On Order and Rename Columns, adjust the order or rename the columns if you'd like
10.) Click Next
11.) On Select Sort Order, adjust the sort order if you'd like
12.) Click Next
13.) On Configure Filters, click Edit next to Event is any of the following
14.) Click more...
15.) Select your event or events you'd like to report on
16.) Click Apply
17.) Uncheck Edit at Run Time
18.) Click Save this filter
19.) Click Create a Filter
20.) From the first dropdown menu select Participant Biological Information
21.) From the second dropdown menu select Participant Constituent ID
22.) From the third dropdown menu select Is
23.) In the field, put in the participant's Constituent ID (found on the profile tab of their Constituent360 profile)
24.) Click the Save this Filter button
25.) Click Next
26.) Type a label in Report Label
27.) Click Next
28.) Click the Run Report button
29.) Click Next
30.) Click Next
31.) Click Next
32.) Click the Run Report button
33.) Click the Save button Save to download the report results to either a csv, pdf, or html file

TeamRaiser participants can also pull a report of their donors and donations from the progress tab of their participant center.