There are two types or dashboards in the Raiser's Edge NXT web view that can be shared; dashboards created using Fundraising, Reporting and dashboards created using Analysis, Dashboard Builder.

To share a dashboard created in Fundraising, Reporting follow the steps below:

1.  Select the Clock option at the top right hand side of the screen of the dashboard you wish to share

2.  Choose the dashboard tab you wish to schedule the email for (you can select to have all tabs emailed to you are just a single tab)
3.  Choose how frequently (daily, weekly, or monthly) you wish the dashboard to be emailed to you
4.  Select the time for the email to occur
5.  Include recipients that you wish to receive the email 
6.  Include your email subject and message
7.  Schedule the email

*Note* The email will continue to be sent at the frequency you selected.  If you no longer wish to have the email sent, please unsubscribe through the email once it is received.

To share a dashboard created in Analysis, Dashboard Builder follow the steps below:

 1. Click the ellipses (...) and select Edit for the dashboard you wish to share

 2. Select the Properties button at the bottom of the dashboard page

 3. Under Sharing, copy the URL and provide it to person you wish to share with a person that has access to the database.    
         *Note* Anyone with the ability to view dashboards will be able to use this link. Link sharing is disabled for non-admin users

4.  Create a password protected link if you choose to share with someone who does not have access to the database.  Then copy the URL and set a password

5. Click Apply

Review our documentation on dashboards for more information.