Queue Problem Management (QPM) is where users can find errors that prevent records from moving through the service bus to either The Raiser’s Edge or to Luminate CRM. Rebuilding is a task that you can perform there after you reset a cross reference to a valid value or after a system error is fixed. Rebuilding sends the record to be synced. If the related error has been fixed, the sync will be successful and the error will not reappear. 

To access the QPM and rebuild an error:
  1. Click Data Management > Luminate Management > Queue Problem Management.
  2. Click on View next to the kind of error you want to work with
  3. Click on the type of error in question 
  4. Mark the grey box next to the error, or to rebuild all of that type, mark the box at the top of the list 
  5. Click the blue button at the top right that says Rebuild.
More information on QPM errors and how to fix them