For more information about the EDH/eTapestry integration, please see our help documentation .

Q: If an account or journal entry originating from EDH is deleted from eTapestry, will the integration add it back in the next time the import runs?
A: No. The integration only imports new data that was created or edited after the last import was run. This is to ensure there is no duplicate information imported.

Q: Will the free version of EDH work with the integration?
A: Yes, both the free and Pro subscription levels allow for eTapestry integration. However, you get more functionality within EDH with the Pro subscription.

Q: How does EDH check for duplicate accounts?
A: The integration will add constituent accounts for donors and heroes. In case someone is already listed as a constituent in eTapestry, the integration checks for duplicates the same way our online duplicate check works. It looks at the Account Name, Address Lines, and Email. If the information in eTap matches 2/3 of those, the EDH information will merge onto the account. We will add any email address that exists in EDH that is not currently on the eTap Persona.

Q: Does EDH do recurring gifts?
A: It depends on which country you are in. Right now, recurring gifts are not available for US clients. If you do have recurring gifts available, they would come through the integration as a Gift in eTapestry but will have a user defined field denoting them as recurring.

Q: I’ve schedule my first import but I want to make a change to the historical data settings. What can I do?
A: You cannot make changes to the historical data settings after the first import is scheduled.

Q: Is there a way to reset or un-do the integration?
A: You can pause the integration at any time, which will stop the nightly imports from running. However, if you wish to remove all EDH data from eTapestry you would need to either delete the entries manually or request a mass delete data service which will have fees associated. Contact your Account Executive at for a quote.

Q: What time does the nightly EDH integration run?
A: The integration will kick off around 12:30am based on the time zone settings for your organization. These settings are found under Management>My Organization>Preferences. If a report is scheduled to run at the same time, the EDH import will happen first and then the reports will run so that you have the most up to date information. However, since scheduled reports run based on the user's time zone this is only the case as long as that user has the same time zone settings as the organization.

Q: Where can I see the EDH teams in eTapestry?
A: Teams are not imported from EDH. The integration will only create/update Constituent accounts with Participation entries which will show the EDH Campaign/eTapestry Fundraiser they are in. If someone is involved in a team, their Participation entry will contain the user defined fields "EDH Team Name" and "EDH Team URL" for your reference.

Q: Does EDH allow for donations toward a Team?
A: No, you can only donate toward an individual or someone on a team.

Q: Can I add an offline gift to EDH, for cash or check donations?
A: Yes, but these will not be imported into eTapestry through the integration. You must manually add offline EDH transactions into eTapestry if you want to see them reflected in eTapestry reports.

Q: What are the differences between EDH and eTapestry’s Fundraising module?
A: See the chart in the article What's the difference between everydayhero Pro (EDH) and eTapestry's Fundraiser module?