You can check the version of NetCommunity by the following methods:
  • Navigate to YourNetCommunityDomain/login.aspx, the NetCommunity version will be listed at the bottom of the login pane.
  • Log in to the NetCommunity web site and click help > About Blackbaud NetCommunity
  • From the NetCommunity plugin in the Raiser's Edge or Education Edge click options > about
    • Note: When checking the versions from the NetCommunity plugin, you will be able to see the versions of the Web Components, The Raiser's Edge Web Service, and the Plugin.
Note: if your organization hosts NetCommunity or The Raiser's Edge, ensure your components are on the latest versions, especially resolving any version mismatches between the components. 
How to install or update Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.x when Blackbaud NetCommunity is hosted and The Raisers Edge is not hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Services
How to install or update the Blackbaud NetCommunity Plug-In on a Workstation