The user must have the Guest Services Manager role:
  1. Click Tickets
  2. Click Guest Passes under Configuration
    • To Enable:
      1. Choose the option to Allow guest passes to be issued and redeemed
      2. Enter the programs that you would like to allow guest passes to be redeemed for to the right. Click an empty row and search for the program. 
Note: The programs listed here will be the only programs that Guest Passes will be able to be applied to. 
  1. Click Save
  • To Disable:
    1. Choose the option to Do not allow new guest passes to be issued, but allow outstanding guest passes to be redeemed
    2. Click Save
Note: Existing guest passes can continue to be redeemed after this feature is turned off. Disabling this will discontinue the ability to generate new guest passes, but will not hinder existing guest passes from being redeemed.