The steps below outline how to create the Mini Donation Form part:
  1. Navigate to Create > New part.
  2. Click the binoculars under Part type and select Donation Form - Mini (Beta)
  3. Assign a unique part name and click Next. 
  4. Under the Donation form message, type in the message that will be presented to donors above the form.
  5. In the Designation section, click the binoculars and search The Raiser's Edge for the desired fund. The Mini Donation Form does not support multiple designations at this time.
  6. Create your desired Giving levels. The default giving level will be the one automatically selected when donors navigate to the form.
  7. Add the desired appeals from The Raiser's Edge by clicking Add appeal
  8. In the Payment setup section, select the merchant account from the drop-down.
    • Note: All merchant accounts are supported except for IATS and IPPayments. These merchant accounts will be disabled in the drop-down.
  9. Type in the confirmation message you want to appear after someone donates.
  10. If desired, check the box to include a reCAPTCHA challenge. The challenge will only appear for anonymous donors. If a donor is logged into the site when donating, he or she will not be presented with the reCAPTCHA challenge. 
  11. Configure the Acknowledgement Email at the top in green.
  12. Click Save to complete the setup.

With the Mini Donation Form, donors will select their giving level and then type in their billing information on the payment section. The payment section will appear as a checkout overlay on top of the donation form. The fields on the secure billing and payment screens display as shown and cannot be customized.
Note: The Mini Donation Form does not currently support eReceipts. Any gifts made through the Mini Donation Form will need to be manually receipted through The Raiser's Edge