Flat rate pricing is a way to charge your patrons based on rate scales. Flat rate pricing is appropriate when there is not a standard per ticket charge per visitor. The default pricing structure for programs are calculated per ticket. With flat rate pricing, we can define the pricing structure to be calculated on a by quantity basis.

To configure rate scales for group reservations: 
  1. Click Sales > Group Sales 
  2. Click Group Sales Settings in the Configuration menu to the left
  3. Click the Flat Rate Pricing tab
  4. Click Add to add a new rate scale
  5. Enter a name
  6. If the price is the same for any group size:
  • Enter a price in the Group of any Size Pays box
  1. If the price varies depending on ticket quantity:
  • Click the arrow for Rate Scale uses multiple prices
  • Enter the number of visitors and the price for each level
  • Choose either a flat rate price for a number greater than your max level, or choose a per ticket price for each additional attendee.
  • Note: The per ticket pricing will pull from the program's prices.
  1. Mark the Set as default rate scale checkbox if you want this rate scale to be added to any new group sale reservation automatically. 
  • Choose a group type if this is a default rate scale for only a particular group type
  1. Choose the appropriate application types, applications, and percentages > Click Add
  2. Click Save