This article summarizes the way phone information changes during the upgrade. More information can be found in our 7.95 Webinar and other 7.95 Resources. The phone structure when upgrading 7.93 > 7.96 is the same as 7.93 > 7.95.

In 7.93 and below, phone numbers:

  • Are stored as part of an address record.
  • Can be shared between different records
  • Can be stored on Relationship records of any type (still as part of an address)
  • Display on the Bio 1 tab of a constituent only if they’re stored on the Preferred Address 
Robert Hernandez Phones in 7.93

In 7.95 and above, the structure of phone numbers has changed:

  • No longer stored on an address record: Stored directly on the Bio 1/Org 1 tab or Relationship record
  • Can no longer be shared between constituents
  • No longer stored on relationship records between the same type of constituent (Organization / Organization or Individual / Individual)

The phone information moves in a few different ways during the upgrade:

  • Phone numbers from the Preferred Address move directly to the Bio 1 tab. See What is the difference between preferred address, primary business, and address processing?
    • Note: This is based on the Address Indicator of Preferred. Address Type doesn’t affect how numbers move.
  • Phone numbers from Alternate Addresses move to the Bio 1 tab and are marked Inactive.
  • For relationships between constituents of the same type (Individual/Individual): Phones from the relationships TO a constituent will be moved to that constituent’s Bio 1/Org 1 tab and marked Inactive. For example, phones on Christopher Young’s relationship to Robert Hernandez will move to Robert Hernandez’s Bio 1 tab and become Inactive.
Individual / Individual Relationship in 7.93
Christopher T. Young's Relationship to Robert Hernandez in 7.93

Robert Hernandez's Phones in 7.96
Robert Hernandez's Phones in 7.96

Christopher T. Young's Phones in 7.96
Christopher T. Young's Phones in 7.96
  • Contact information on Individual/Organization relationships and non-constituent relationships is NOT copied to the Bio 1 or Org 1 tab. It remains on the relationship during the upgrade.
  • Any phones that would end up with the same Phone Type, Phone Number, and DNC status on the same record are deduplicated during the upgrade.
    • Note: The exception to this rule is for Individual/Organization Relationships, where the relationship record will show any number on the Bio 1 tab, as well as numbers on the relationship itself. This means that if an organization had the same phone number on its Preferred Address as on a relationship, that number will show once for each.
Individual / Organization Relationship in 7.93:
Individual / Organization Relationship in 7.93

Individual / Organization Relationship in 7.96:
Individual / Organization Relationship in 7.96
Robert Hernandez's Phones in 7.96
Robert Hernandez's Phones in 7.96

If a number came from more than one address, each address will be listed in the Comments field.
Multiple Alternate Addresses in 7.96

If a phone number came from more than one relationship, the relationships will be summarized in the Comments.
Multiple Relationships in 7.96

More information on the upgrade process can be found in the 7.95 Webinar and other 7.95 Resources.