• Pre-Filled – Application has been rolled over from last year’s session and is ready for completion by the family.  Pre-Filled applications are not included in the Total Active Application count.  The family will only have to confirm their Parent/Guardian and Dependent information, before being asked for their income and expense data. 
  • Open – Application has been started without any payment, and not yet submitted to Smart Aid.
  • Submitted– Application has been submitted by parent, however no documentation has been received.
  • Documents Received – Application has been submitted with documents and is in the queue for review.
  • On Hold – Application has started the review process, however one or more specific documents is currently missing from the application. We have contacted the applicant for that missing document(s) via email.
  • In Progress – Application has received additional document(s) and is now back in the queue for review.
  • Verified – Application has received all necessary documents, has been fully reviewed, and available to the school for final aid decision.
  • Good – All sources of income are verified.
  • Fair – Unable to verify one or more sources of income, due to lacking documentation.
  • Poor – Unable to verify any source of income, due to lacking documentation.
  • Questionable – There is questionable application data. Information entered on application is unsupported by documentation.