There are a total of four different Reports that are available on-demand.  Please note that applications in the Pre-filled and Open statuses will not appear on these reports, as they have not yet been completed by the families.
  • Summary Report – This report offers an overview of each family that is applying for financial aid, displaying information such as their Household Refined Income and Student Calculated Need.  Summary Report will appear twice on the list: Student Name (this report will be sorted alphabetically by the students last names) and Student Need (this report will be sorted according to the highest Calculated Need).
  • Missing Documents Report – This report will provide a spreadsheet of all families applying for financial aid, showing their Application ID, Family Name, Status, Score, Missing Documentation (if applicable), a Description from the Review Team regarding the missing documentation, and an email address and phone number that the family can be reached at.
  • Family Report – This report contains an in-depth view of each family, including information such as their Household Refined Income and Student Calculated Need, the findings of the Review Team, as well as all of the answers that the parent entered into the financial aid application.
  • Family Contact Reports – This report provides a spreadsheet of your families with their contact information: Application ID, Parent Name, Address, Email Address, Daytime Phone Number, and Evening Phone Number.
To learn how to generate these reports, please refer to the following article: How Do I Generate Reports?