Smart Aid's recommended assistance amount will be displayed as the Student Calculated Need on the Summary Report and Family Report.  It is our best practice to wait for families to reach the Verified Status before viewing their Student Calculated Need, because this indicates that our Review Team was able to confirm the income listed on the application against the provided supporting documents.  To locate the Student Calculated Need:

1. Generate a new Summary or Family Report on the Reports Page.
2. Download your newly generated report.
3a. Locate Column AB on the spreadsheet version of the Summary Report.
3b. Locate the "Student Detail Information" box, in the center of the first page of the Family Report.  The amount will be listed under Calculated Need for each student on the application with a tuition expense.

Please be advised that the Student Calculated Need will be based on an unlimited source of funding, and not tailored to your school's specific budgets.  To view a recommended assistance amount that is based on your school's specific budgets and awarding criteria, please use the Budget Tool.