​Family and Student Codes are ways that a school can add customized "tags" to a family or student with the goal of having the ability to sort or report based on these specific details. 
  • The Family Code is intended to be at the Family level, and an example would be Parish Member versus Parish Non-Member. 
    • The family will answer the Family Code question at the very end of the application in the Special Circumstances section, and the Student Code will be answered by the family earlier in the Household Information section.  The family may only choose one Family Code for the family (for example a family could not say they are both Parish Members and Non-Members) and they may only choose one Code per student.
  • The Student Code is intended to be at the student level, and an example would be one sibling might be a returning financial aid application while another sibling might be a new financial aid applicant. 
    • The Student Codes could be New versus Returning.  Both Codes are self-identifying by the family on the application (the family will answer questions as to which codes apply to them) and the school also has the ability to change the parent answers on the Family Details page. 
  • The Internal Code is only available for School Users to toggle on the Family Detail Page of submitted applications.
    • Common uses for this code include a means of tracking if the family has received financial aid or not.  For example, "Awarded" could indicate they've been awarded financial aid, "Denied," could indicate they have not been offered financial aid, and "Declined," could indicate the family has declined their financial aid offer.

To manage these codes in the school account:
1.  Hover over Settings and click Family, Student & Internal Codes.
2.  Enter the desired Family, Student, and Internal Codes in their corresponding tables using the "+ Add" button.
3.  Click "Save" when finished.

To apply any of these codes on a previously submitted application, navigate to the Manage Families and click on the family's name to access their Family Detail Page.  Toggles for the Family, Student, and Internal Codes are located on the Family Detail Page.