The Family Report is a 3 page document that describes a variety of details for a specific applicant family. 

The first page gives the most detailed description we provide to a school of how our methodology calculated that family's Household Contribution to Education (HCE) - what the family can afford to pay for private school tuition, annually. 

The second page provides answers to Custom Questions (if they were included by the school) and other information about the family including specific employers of the parent(s). 

​The third page shows every parent answer to every question on the application that goes into the HCE calculation.

Smart Aid To access the report on a family-by-family basis:
1.  Hover over the Families tab and click Manage Families.
2.  Any family who's application is any status except Pre-Filled or Open, will have a blue Run icon in the Family Report column.
3.  Click the Run icon and when the green View icon appears, click that to view the report.

To access the report for all families at once:
1.  Click the Reports tab.
2.  Click the green Generate Reports button and choose Family Report.
3.  The report will run, and when the Status column turns to Report Ready, click the PDF icon in the Formats column.  This will open one, large, PDF that contains a full, 3 page report for every family in your applicant pool at that time (not including Pre-Filled or Open Statuses).

The report will load as PDF onto your device.  As will all reports in Smart Aid, the report runs in real time, however every time the report is viewed, the data that was available when the report was last run is included.  To ensure the most up-to-date data is included, it is recommended that the report be run before each viewing. 
Note: Calculations may change if viewing a Family Report that is not yet in the Verified Status.