Smart Aid will allow you to enter multiple deadlines for specific grades that are eligible for financial aid.  The two types of deadlines are loose and strict.  A loose deadline will allow families to apply after the given date, whereas a strict deadline will not allow anymore applications after the set date.

To add/edit deadlines to your school's financial aid application:
  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the "Settings" link, found in the gray navigation bar, to expand a list of more options.
  2. Click "Deadlines & Documentation."
  3. The left box, titled "Deadlines," is where to focus on.  Select the Deadline Type you wish to add using the drop list (the options are None, Loose, and Strict.  After selecting the type of deadline, click the green, plus button to add it.
  4. After clicking the plus button, an entry is immediately added to a table on your page.  Next, click the blue, pencil button to edit the deadline's criteria.  clicking the pencil button will expand a list of additional criteria, including if you'd like the deadline to be active, the date of the deadline, and the grades that the deadlines applies to.  Clicking the check-box next to "Add a message" will allow you to enter up to 140 characters for parents to see after the deadline has passed.
  5. After entering your deadline criteria, be sure click the blue floppy disk button to save your deadline.
NOTE: If a loose deadline date has passed, a parent may get the following Loose Deadline Notification pop-up box in the Select a School section of the application:

The parent should click the blue OK box, then click Save and Continue to Monthly Income to proceed with the application.

To delete current deadlines:
  1. Click the "trashcan" icon in the corresponding deadline's row to remove it.

  • You are able to enter multiple deadlines, regardless of type.  When the Deadline Type is set to Strict, you will not be able to see any of your Loose deadlines, and vice versa.  Be sure to toggle the appropriate deadline types when working in this page.
  • The date selected for a deadline will the last day that a family can submit their application.  
  • Be sure to toggle between Strict and  Loose deadlines to view all currently active deadlines.