Prerequisite Steps:
1. Added a Budget (How do I add a Budget in Smart Aid?).
2. "Ran" the Budget (How do I run my budgets in Smart Aid?).

Steps to edit individual Award Amounts:
1. Hover your mouse-cursor over "Budgets" in the gray Navigation Bar, and click "Manage Budgets."
2. Click the name of the budget in the blue font, in the "Budget Name" column.
3. Locate the individual student that you wish to edit.  This can be done by scrolling or filtering for name, Application ID number, etc.
4. Click the green "pencil" button in the student's row in the "Action" column.  This will open a pop-up box titled, "Edit Award."
5. Edit the "Awarded Amount" field to the desired amount.
6. Click the blue "Update" button in the bottom-right corner of the "Edit Award" box to save your change.

Best Practice Tip:
Be sure to lock the individual award amounts into place by toggling the blue "lock" button that is found immediately to the left of the green "pencil" button.  "Locking" awards into place with this button will allow you to re-run and update your budget without changing the locked award amounts.

Important Note:
If you're unable to edit the individual awards for your students, please scroll to the top of the web page to see if your budget has been "Finalized," by referring to the "Grant Status."  If the status is "Closed," please click the yellow "Un-Finalize Budget" button at the top of the page to make edits.