1. Hover your mouse-cursor over "Families" in the gray Navigation Banner and click "Manage Families."
2. Locate the family by either scrolling or using filters (Family Name, Student Name, Application ID Number, etc.)
3. Click the Family Name in blue font in the corresponding column; this will bring you to the Family Detail Page.
4. Locate the "Student Profile" box.  Directly below the "Tuition" column heading, make adjustments to the individual student tuition rates by entering a new amount.  Please be advised that rates cannot be edited to be greater than the base amount for the corresponding grade as entered in your school's settings.
5. Be sure to click the green, "Save" button to save any changes.

If you need to edit the school's base Tuition and Standard Discounts, please see How can I update the tuition rates and multi-child discounts for my school in Smart Aid?.