1. Hover your mouse-cursor over "Budgets" in the gray Navigation Banner, and click "Manage Budgets."
2. Click the budget's name in blue font, in the far left column.
3. If the budget was previously marked as "Finalized," be sure to click the yellow, "Unfinalize" button found towards the upper right side of the page.  This will allow edits to be made to the budget, including the ability to re-run it.
4. Click the blue "lock" button in the "Action" column for each your students with award amounts that you want to remain unchanged.  Upon re-running the budget, all of the award amounts of the students whom aren't locked could be changed after updating the budget, as Smart Aid's recommendation is subject to change after including new students.
4a. Alternatively, you're able to lock the entire page of awards that you are currently viewing.  This can be done by first clicking the check-box below the bold "Select" column heading in the far left column of the grid containing all of your students.  After checking this box, each of the students below will be checked off as well.  
4b. After selecting all of your students on your current page, click the green "Lock Page" button.
5. Scroll back to the top of the web page, and click the blue "< Back" button to return to the "Manage Budgets" page.
6. Locate the budget in the grid, and click the blue "Gear/Cog" button in the action column of the corresponding row to re-run the budget.  After the "Grant Distribution" Report becomes available in the far right column, it has finished running!
7. Click the budget's name in blue font to see the list of students within your updated budget, and confirm that the new students are now being included.
8. Repeat these steps as needed for your remaining budgets.